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Chakra Is a Forum -- Not a Propaganda Site

Posted December 30, 2002

It would be worthwhile to call attention to the phrase in our mission statement that "the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of Chakra editors."

This means that we put forth a range of viewpoints which give devotees a chance to make thoughtful responses. For example, if we publish an article which gives a negative review of a devotional movie, we don't necessarily publish that because we agree with the author. On the other hand, if we publish an article which gives a positive review of a devotional movie, we don't necessarily agree with that author either. Chakra's editors may agree with -- or disagree with -- views put forth by any author. That is not our main point. Our main point is to provide an open forum for discussion -- one in which devotees feel free to raise doubts which are important to them, and other devotees are free to respond to those doubts in a compassionate way.

In one letter we published, the author proposed a number of changes, including the proposal that the words of the maha-mantra be modified. For the record, there is no editor on Chakra who wants to change the words of the maha-mantra, which we regard as transcendentally pure. But, by including that part of the person's letter, we were able to receive responses from other devotees glorifying the perfection of the maha mantra.

Thus, Chakra is meant for being a forum for discussion, just like the question and answer session at a Hare Krsna Sunday feast. We may not agree with all the perspectives put forth, but by hearing all kinds of viewpoints, it provides a preaching opportunity for other devotees to respond to the concerns being raised. Thus readers should understand that the purpose of Chakra is not simply to put forth a single viewpoint on spiritual life, but to provide a forum where devotees have the opportunity to examine and attempt to answer the miriad of real questions and challenges which arise when someone attempts to develop spiritual life in the context of the material world.

Anyone who has listened to tapes of Srila Prabhupada's lectures no doubt remembers times when audience members asked somewhat challenging questions. But because of those questions, everyone present got the opportunity to hear Srila Prabhupada's inspiring responses. We at Chakra hope to provide similar opportunities for today's preachers.