Holy Sacred Books
by Ravi Sihra
Posted December 19, 2002

Holy sacred books should be treated with the greatest of care. I have noticed countless number of times initiated devotees let alone aspiring devotees mishandle these holy sacred books. I have seen devotees place them on the floor, on unclean tables, on chairs, benches on car seats, and reading them with unclean hands and also when eating. Initiated devotees specially should set an example to all others by treating these sacred holy books with great care. It seems to me that this basic principle of looking after holy sacred books should be explained to devotees before they jump into saris and dhoties.

I personally keep all my private collection of sacred holy books locked up in a clean cupboard and when it is reading time I wash my hands first then lay a clean cloth on the table and then get the holy sacred books out to read them. If I take them out I make sure they have a protective cover on them and I also carry a pocket size hand wash solution with me which also comes in handy when using Tulasi beeds for chanting as tap water may not be always at hand. Care of holy sacred books should be right from the start. The printers should not treat them like ordinary books but have special protective covers on them to minimise damage. They can charge a bit extra for the covers, which in the long run would increase the duration of these holy sacred books.

When devotees purchase these holy sacred books they should put protective covers on them if they do not have them on. Very rarely have I seen protective covers like zip covers which you can buy being used. It makes me see red when I see Srila Prabhupadas Bhagavad-Gita as it is or Srimad Bhagavatam or any of his books being mistreated by devotees. So come on everybody in the future take more care of these holy sacred books and when you read them the higher knowledge that you will derive from them will take good care of you.

Your servant,