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Serve The Vaisnavas In Need

by Devaki Nandana das

Posted August 16, 2005

Hare Krishna. Please Accept My Humble Obeisances. All Glories To Srila Prabhupada.

My Heart goes out to the devotees from New Orleans involved in the car crash. Now more than ever they should be given full care and attention. I'm writing this because I know what they are going through because I was in a similar situation two years ago. If you can donate time or money to them and any other form of help both spiritually and materially i'm sure it would be very greatly appreciated and needed by them very much. When I saw this article it brought chills to my spine, because you can't forget such an experience.

It's very traumatic, even if you know the philosophy of Krishna Consciousness it can be very troubling not only physically but pshchologically. Especially if the situation is not dealt with properly by the devotees.

The accident I was in was caused because the driver fell asleep. I was supposed to take over driving around 11 pm, I was in the back sleeping and the driver was supposed to wake me so I could take over but he kept going thinking he was allright but wasn't and fell asleep. The car flipped a few times and rolled and ended up on an embankment off of the other side of the 4 lane freeway. Fortunately the driver escaped without a scratch and the passenger in the front seat had only a little cut on the forehead that a bandaid took care of. I wasn't so fortunate. I had a concussion, bruised bones, a damaged lower back, so I couldn't get out of the car. The roof was cut off and I was put on a board and taken to the hospital. I couldn't walk. Luckily there was no permanent damage. We stayed the night and were released the next day. I could walk again after taking muscle relaxers and pain killers as early as the next day, but the headaches, back pain and sleepless nights continued for years.

Unfortunately the so called devotees that let me stay with them in their homes (because I had no money and nowhere to go really) couldn't understand that when you are sick you can't go to Mangala Arati everyday and be fully engaged in service and that you need rest. (The Ironic thing being that as soon as they get a little cold or flu, then the first thing you notice is how they slacken their sadhana.) Their Guru used to make jokes too about the accident saying that we should have another one to get more money from the insurance company. Then they all just decided that I was useless so the Guru and them got together and told me in front of 60 people at their home program that I have to get out. I had nowhere to go, so I thought I might have to sleep out in the snow in the park, but fortunately my brother said I could stay with him, my brother is nice but isn't a devotee so not good association for too long.

After a month and a half of living with my brother then I got up enough strength to go out on book distribution again and then went out to california and stayed in some temples there doing book distribution. Now two and a half years later my health has fully recovered and so has my book distribution and sadhana. I don't want any special treatment for myself, but I wouldn't like to see what happened to me happen to anyone else.So please whenever you see a devotee in need, especially those in a situation like what happened to the devotees from New Orleans, give them your full support. Devotees are the most valuable people in the world. They've done so much. We need them. We must serve them, because if we don't, when our time of need is there no one will help us. And that is a feeling I wouldn't want anyone else to have to go through.

Thank you.
Your Servant,
Devaki Nandana dasa