Sankirtana Made Simple
by Mitravinda Dasi
Posted November 28

Preaching is so blissful! Check this out folks....for those who are wondering what to do to please Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in his sankirtana mission ..."If only there was time, if only I had some knowledge, if only I was a nice devotee..." nah. Don't need any of that. This is sankirtana for dummies.

Strolling around the city as I do each day for my business I stumbled upon something so wonderful.

Last Wednesday Ramadan began (Islamic holiday), yea, yea, don't want to hear it from me, eh? That's okay. I tried to fast, only to discover that since I left the temple, I have become a real sense-enjoyer incapabable of austeries. One of my customers, however, an African store, was following Ramadan. I know something about the holiday, enough to have a new-found respect after my failure in the attempt. The owner and employees were all following. WOW! I tell you, our ekadasis are a snap compared to this!!!!!!

Feeling a little bit of empathy I went to the grocery store this evening and picked up some fruits, and I will return tommorrow and give them to my customers, so at sunset, when the fast is over, they can have some nice fruits. These fruits are offered to my Sri Sri Nitai Gaurachandra. Prasadam. there is nothing more sacred in Islam then Ramadan. It's a very auspicious time to hear and chant the Glories of God. To recieve prasadam makes the holiday even that much more auspicious and sacred.

**Do not, i repeat, do not, mention anything about prasadam, Deities or any of that. Just straight up give a gift. We do not need to disturb the minds of others. A Vaisnava never disturbs the minds of others.
Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu made a peace treaty with the Chand Kazi, a perfect example of peace and harmony based upon the Holy Name. We, as followers of Mahaprabhu, can do the same.

In every corner of the world, each of us can use this most auspicious holiday to serve our sisters and brothers of Islam. Our mood should be that of humble servants recognizing and respecting a holiday meant to bring one to Love of God.

We can solve the world's distress and ease fighting between Hindus and Muslims.
We can dissipate the fears between camps. We can share austerity, cleanliness and truthfulness. So, when we all leave our homes tommorrow, let's go with a sack full of prasadam fruits and look for Muslims- its easiest to spot the women wearing burkas. You can't miss them, they are everywhere, in every country on this planet.

"Hare Krsna, Mataji, you must be Muslim? I understand that this month is Ramadan. I do not know much about Ramadan, as I am a Vaisnava (Hare Krsna, Hindu, whatever you want to say) what I do know is that it's very holy and sacred. Please accept this gift, so this evening, when you end your fast, you can eat. Please take it this evening! Thank you, may God bless you and your family."

1. They hear the Holy Name.
2. They get to take prasadam.
3. They will think nicely of devotees.
4. They will have respect.
5. They will be delighted that you recognized their austerity.
6. They will never forget.

your humble servant,