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Behavior, not guru, should determine who can attend

by Rama Kesava das

Posted January 29, 2004

My respects go to Prabupada dasa Adhikari who quite succintly states the stance to be taken when disciples of one guru abuse the hospitality of another. However, I believe he misses the point of my article. I am not asking the GBC to legislate on guru-politics and disciple-snatching, rather I am asking this:

If we invite Jews, Moslems, Christians, Pagans, and even Atheists to our programmes, when are we going to stop unfairly rejecting fellow Gaudiya Vaisnavas whose hearts are merely reposed elsewhere?

Some people by circumstance live far away from their guru's mission, or have cause to visit other places, far away - why do certain ISKCON devotees churlishly reject these persons, even if they would merely sit there, quietly, not debating nor protesting? What Prabhupada prabhu and I describe are not the same situation! This is not a matter of philosophy, or of guru-politics. It is a situation where innocents are punished for the actions of but a few, overzealous individuals. This is a matter of respect, etiquette, and ultimately, unfounded discrimination.

I again call on the GBC to formally issue guidelines regarding this,

Your servant,
Rama Kesava dasa