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Correction On Book Distribution Levels

by Dravida dasa

Posted April 30, 2006

The headline "Book Distribution One-ninth of 1976 Level" is misleading because it implies that, compared to 1976, today one-ninth the number of books are being distributed from the North American BBT. But though in constant dollars the income today may be one ninth what it was in 1976, that is not true for the number of books. The reason is that the price of books in constant dollars has dropped drastically. For example, the BBT price for "The Perfection of Yoga" was about $.25 to the temples in 1976, and is $.38 today. That's a little over $.04 in 1976 dollars! This incredible price stability of BBT books while the price of most everything else has skyrocketed is due to bulk buying and shopping the worldwide printing market.