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A Disciple's Perspective On the Hinduization of ISKCON

by Dayananda das

Posted April 15, 2006

With all respect, Hare Krishna dasi's original posting as well as the others was thoughtful and well done.

After much meditation on Prabhupäda, I would assert that the Indian support and influence in ISKCON temples is generally good. Prabhupäda would be pleased to see that the structure of ISKCON has been conservatively maintained. ISKCON was his highest priority, because it was after all his offering to his Guru Mahäräja.

On the other hand, we, his followers, have neglected Prabhupäda's and Mahäprabhu's sankirtan. Hinduization is not the only reason that sankirtan has become minimized in ISKCON. We need to stop blaming ISKCON leaders and Hindus for our own laziness and irresponsibility.

Some might argue that sankirtan has not become minimized. Yet, remittance to Prabhupäda's English language BBT has decreased from $4 million in 1976 to $1.5 million in 2005. Book distribution, the basis of Prabhupäda's sankirtan movement has decreased.

If some are not prepared to sacrifice for sankirtan, fine. However, the rest of us must not be brought down to the lowest common denominator. We must rise up and continue in the spirit of Prabhupäda and those whom he empowered to organize widespread book distribution. That spirit was one of strength and responsibility; it was a must-do attitude to distribute his books.