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Support Group Sought for Interfaith Couples

by Name Withheld

Posted April 14, 2006

I think the topic of maintaining interfaith marriages between ISKCON members and those of other faiths will become an ever-increasing hot topic down the road. I'm a gurukuli in my mid-'20s, still a practicing devotee, but married over two years now to a non-devotee. I can relate to the realizations, struggles and patience needed to balance out life, but from the unique perspective of having grown up in the movement and "marrying outside."

Sometimes I feel alone in this situation, not fully integrated within either the devotee or the nondevotee world, and it would be nice to find others who relate.

Would you know of any interfaith marriage network or devotee group, online or otherwise? This would be a valuable resource for people in similar situations to share inspiration and practical ideas to maintain our devotional practices in special situations.