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Alcoholics Anonymous
Letter to Krishna Krpa prabhu

by Jyotirmaya das

Posted October 14, 2003

I am an alcoholic and attend regular meetings. Let me tell you that the people there are much better than the one's that I associated with in bars. Like everywhere else, some of the people I met in AA became close friends and others are my "brothers and sisters" in sobriety and God consciousness. Sometimes a friend or two of mine in AA will come with me to the temple restaurant, offer obeisances to the Deities, and stay to listen to the lecture. When a man is faced with the decision to accept a Higher Power into his life or live a desperate suffering life of drinking, most times he chooses the Higher Power.

I reached out to Alcoholics Anonymous hoping it would help me because I just could not stop my drinking.

The reason I stick with AA is because the underlying theme of AA is to go to your Higher Power (in my case Krishna), and that advice is totally in line with Krishna consciousness. It took some time, but eventually, by going to meetings and checking myself into rehab when I had fallen into a drinking binge, I became sober; and people often tell me how much better a person I am now. So it works. I haven't had a drink in 3 years now and am now serving Krishna at the Chicago temple in the office here.

One famous ISKCON godbrother of mine who went to AA meetings told me "not to worry about AA and other 12 step groups as not being Krishna conscious as we know it -- the main thing is to become sober and get on with our lives, both material and spiritual.

"Srila Prabhupada advised the drinking man to 'simply think that Krishna is the taste of the wine.' So during my drinking days, I decided to try it out just to see if it would help. I would think 'Krishna is the taste of this wine' before I took a drink, and eventually, what happened was that I thought of Krishna so much that, by His grace, I was inclined from within to seek help and a better/sober lifestyle. All glories to Sri Hari!"