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Ayurvedic Care for Vaisnavas

by Kalavati Devi Dasi

Posted November 4, 2005

I would like to share some thoughts on the topic of Ayurvedic Care for Vaisnavas, specifically Vaisnavis, and share a resource with you within this context.

I think it would be nice if we as a community think about Ayurvedic Care for Vaisnavas (AVCV) as an integral part of our community development programs. Ayurveda is truly healthy, easy and inexpensive as it consists of natural ingredients, holistic methods and incorporates cooking procedures and spiritual and material premises well-known among devotees.

I feel that sometimes our Vaisnava community, while aspiring toward non-distraction from lesser goals than pure love for Krishna, neglects the various systems that are part of Vedic culture. For devotees, using this knowledge in attending to our community's practical needs could remind us of Krishna and His perfect arrangements. Of course, our primary, constant and ultimate goal is pure devotional service. Additionally, while we have these bodies and these families, I think it would be very efficient, socially relevant and culturally cohesive to increase our understanding of the beautiful and useful Vedic systems such as Ayurveda.

Let us now think of our Vaisnavi friends. They are the foundation of our families and the caretakers of our homes and communities. They assist the dedicated gentlemen of Sri Caitanya's sankirtan movement in maintaining Srila Prabhupada's house in which the whole world can live. When the women are healthy and strong through loving support and care among themselves and offered to them from the community, the whole family is strong. Husbands, children and naturally the women themselves can thrive in Krishna Consciousness to the benefit of all.

Let us look at their amazing seasons of womanhood with a loving glance and offer them resources to fulfill their services with strength and wisdom.

*Practical Help Available:*

Martha Oakes, a Postpartum AyurDoula for 13 years, wrote a book called *42 Days for 42 Years* which contains information about postpartum care for women according to the comprehensive Ayurvedic system.

I had the opportunity to attend one of Ms. Oakes' workshops and am currently working with two of her students to increase Ayurvedic awareness and Ayurvedic family support in the city in which we live through our project called Prana Mamas. I am also trying to help the Vaisnava community benefit from her dedicated service toward healthy mothers and families and from her active teaching and promotion of Ayurvedic wisdom.

The link to Martha Oakes' website and the description of her book(s) is: Click Here

To assist devotees in benefiting from Martha Oakes' work, I am arranging a discounted bulk purchase of her book. Regularly about $13 dollars, the book, if ordered through this arrangement, will be $8 plus shipping and handling of about $3 or $4 for first class mail. (Please note that this is not a business arrangement I profit from, as I receive no money.)

Regarding the book *42 Days for 42 Years:*

Please consider these ideas and share the information with those you feel would be interested.

I want to give individuals time to see this announcement and contact me, so I will order sometime in the second week of November.

Please send me your mailing addresses (which may be different than your physical address) so Ms. Oakes can send the books correctly. Include your full name as it should appear on your mail.

For this to work as a bulk order, Ms. Oakes will need to send books going to the same community in one package if that is at all possible. Receivers of the package can then distribute accordingly. I will keep track of orders from the various communities, so you do not need to know who else in your community may be buying one to receive your book as I will notify you of necessary details. Single orders from individual communities are also welcome.

Please note that all money will be sent from you to Martha Oakes and I will send buyers her address when I get the final order counted.

Please send all orders and additional inquiries to

For more discussion on meeting the needs of devotees, including health and family concerns, you are welcome to visit the Vaisnava Family and Community Conference at:

Another resource, specifically for women and in regard to reproductive health and support created by Her Grace Rasa Vilasini prabhu is located at: Click Here