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To drink or not to drink: that's the question

by Durdhara das

Posted May 17, 2005

Dear Devotees!
Please do not forget that many people can not digest milk and they will become sick if they drink cow milk, no matter what "vedic" scriptures say. I myself give up milk drinking completely,after 13 years of offering to Krishna and feel better than before, physically and mentally. For me that is sufficient enough.Vedic scriputures can not be transmittet 1:1 from india 2000 years ago to nowadays.Time, place and circumstances are very different. One should accept what is favourable and reject what is unfavourable, this is also a vedic truth.

If the devotees feel fine by drinking milk than they can do that. No harm. My personal realisation is, that milk is a wonderful food-- for calves up to the age of 2 or so. A calve has 4 stomaches, a human only one. Even calves give up milk drinking at a certain age.Why should we drink the milk of cows who have a very bad conciousness nowadays and are always unhappy due to the lost of their child. This is not good. I also think that no karmi farmer will give up his calve and cow killing because we buy milk from him and then offer it to Krishna. One should protest against cow and calve killing , and not support that.

But whatever, do what you like, but don't force people to drink milk if you know that more than a half of the world population can not digest it. One can chant Hare Krishna , control the mind love Krishna etc. also without drinking milk. It is not essential. Essential is that you feel fine and healthy by your nutrition. Accept what is favourable and reject what is unfavorouable. Different bodys need different nutrition.

There is no such think that "All people must drink milk, otherwise they can not become Krishna concious." Such an attitude is sectarian and not very intelligent. Krishna is in the heart of every living entity and he will give them the knowlege what is good for them and what is bad.