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Milk: A Divine Gift
A reply to Durdhara das

by Ananda das

Posted May 1, 2005

Durdhara das is definitly right when he is suggesting that devotees should not consume milk excessively since it is not recommended by our previous acaryas to do so. Indeed excessive consuption of milk products increases the mode of passion and thus makes the mind restless and lusty as Durdhara das has already stated.

On the other hand we should not forget about the benefits of milk and products thereof. Srila Prabhupada stated himself many times how milk helps to develop finer brain tissues which help to understand spiritual matters. I have heard myself from many differnt of Srila Prabhupada 's disciples that srila Prabhupada said himself that even if vitamin E from fish-oil is added (as sometimes in America) still devotees can use such milk in krsnas service, since it is kali yuga and there are no pure things available in kali yuga!!!

Furthermore if we reject milk products from non devotees, we have to reject practically all things coming from non devotees because the production of practically all things in this world is connected with cruelty and injustice as we all know.

In his masterpiece Jaiva-dharma Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura Prabhupada revealed that devotees are using the things of this world in Krsnas seva and in this way all people who are crafted or produced items used by devotees are benefitted.

Why should we deprive the cows of their spiritual benefit. when devotees offer their milk to krsna these cows defenitly benefit and will become ultimatly liberated from their hellish conditions. This is basic faith in the procces of krsna conciousness !!! we should not forget our basic gaudiya vaishnava philosophy. There is no material solution to the problems of this world, on one side we avoid milk products from non devotees, and on the other side we may buy hi-tech clothes made by exploited workers in far east for our western market. Or we may drive in cars that pollut the air and harm all our health including the health of innocent children. Durdahara Prabhu is suggesting that we should not think about higher topics unless we avoid milk products from non devotees. According to his faulty logic noone can ever think about higher topics as long as he lives in this material world, since all our activities in this world produce bad karma, even breathing produces bad karma by killing so many microbiological entities. Then he himself should stop reading Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharajas Book's, because there are full of "higher topics".

But of course Durdhara das is right in the sense that we should defenitly try to enhance the quality of our offerings to krsna.

For this reason also Srila Prabhupada Bhaktivedanta Swami encouraged the establishment of world wide self-sustaining farm communities. elsewise we can try to purchase especially biological milk products which are less "polluted".

It seems durdhara das may have possibly fallen into the trap of "scientific"arguments of the anti-milk propagandists. But arguments based on scientfc "research" are always weak, because another scienentist with differnt resarch-intentions may "prove" the exact opposite the very next day. As a matter of fact there are many information availibale informing us about the benifits of cow milk even in the realm of material sience(see bottom), what to speak of the teaching of our acaryas.

We all know how Prabhupada regulary recommended for his devotees to accept milk prasadam. Also from the history of the C.C. and Caitanya bhagavad we can find so many discriptions of how milk an milk product prasad had been relished by the lord and his associates. we know also that for example our most honourable Srila Raghunatha das Goswami would take only a leafcup full of buttermilk as his only "prasad" in the day. milk products are not dangerous ! we may avoid mass production milk, but definitly milk itself is a divine gift of nature made to be offerd to the lord with love and devotion.

Ananda das


Here is some quotes about some scientiffic reasarch about milk products and there consuption, showing positive effects of milk consumption:

title: Cows' Milk Fat Components as Potential Anticarcinogenic Agents

[...]Interestingly, Fogerty et al. (1988) found breast milk from women of the Hare Krishna religious sect contained twice as much CLA as milk from conventional Australian mothers (40.0 vs. 20.7 Ámol/g). This was attributed to the butter and ghee (milk fat) diets consumed habitually by the Hare Krishna women.[...]

The whole article can be found in at