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Back to nature, back to God

by Satyahit das

Posted March 31, 2005

Srila Prabhupada appeared in India at a time when growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and frozen foods were not used. Canned foods -- I am not sure.

Concerning the quality of bhoga to be cooked and offered to the Lord: when we first joined in 1968, it was written not to offer frozen or canned foods to the Lord. Where that was written, I do not recall, but it was understood that these two types of foods were substandard for offering and therefore also for sustenance or nutrition.

Next, for a complete description of sea salt versus regular table salt, go to the and see for yourself the vast benefits of sea salt over man-made salt.

Next point, concerning the use of dairy: I do not know the exact dates for the start of the use of antibiotics, growth hormones and pesticides, but where these items are present the foods are substandard. When Srimad Bhagavatam and the Bhagavad-gita were spoken, these items were not in use in food production and all foods were naturally organic. There was no frozen or canned foods either.

A funny story: I met a fellow who raises fighting cocks here on Oahu, and he said that when a normal chicken is six weeks old it is about eight inches high, but when the same chicken is raised giving it growth hormones, it is double that weight in six weeks, cooked and for sale at your local supermarket. Then he said that when he sees teenagers, many look ten years older. (The inference is it is because of the ingestion of growth hormones in chicken they consume.)

We understand that devotees do not eat chicken, but growth hormones and antibiotics are not altered by cooking and, therefore, milk and products made from it, like cheese, may contain growth hormones and antibiotics. That is, supposedly, why one may also purchase organic milk for double the price of regular milk. It is organic, supposedly, which means that the cows were raised without pesticides, antibiotics or growth hormones used in any way in their diets.

Another interesting fact I've heard is that growth hormones do not distinguish between good cells and bad or cancerous cells. Therefore, if cancer cells are present the growth hormones will increase their growth. Therefore, for highest quality foods, temples should use sea salt -- it is also salt -- and avoid pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones.

Another note: there is research that organic milk that is industrially pasturized becomes denatured of most of its good qualities and is also, therefore, not healthy.

If we were to go back in time before the use of fast foods, fast animal growth by using hormones, prolonged-shelf-life foods, antibiotics, pesticides, freezing and canning, we would have foods made by God only. How many times have we heard that when man interferes with Nature, we ruin what God has purely created for us. So, instead of the "organic" label, we may have a "made by God" label. Ha!