Chakra Discussions

Clarifying thoughts on nutrition

by Elise Boyd

Posted March 22, 2005

I think I didn't drive my point home very well, considering this comment: "For example, there was an article in Chakra which blamed Iskcon for sickness of Iskcon leaders. The article attributed their sickness to lack of proper diet, i.e., a diet devoid of fruits, vegetables, etc. Ultimately, each person is responsible to eat right food and to take proper nutrition."

In my article I didn't exactly blame Iskcon for sickness of Iskcon leaders. Surprisely, Iskcon leaders seem to be the only ones that eat proper nutritious food. Albeit too late, because they got sick from eating the standard iskcon diet for too many years. However, due to being an Iskcon leader they CAN get proper foodstuffs now. If one doesn't have the luck to become a leader with disciples who prepare his nice fresh steamed vegetables there is a different reality. It is true that each person is responsible to eat right food and to take proper nutrition. But sadly, resident temple devotees are not in the position to choose their own food. They depend on what gets put in front of them every single meal. They also don't have facilities, especially moneywise to buy their own food.

This is the reason for writing my previous letter. That iskcon management destroys the health and wellbeing of its dependants. And thus my call was, and still is, to please give a higher priority to the quality of food. Storagerooms in temple just don't smell of fresh clean vegetables and fruits. They smell rotten, and that's just a fact.

Greetings, Elise.