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Vitamins not in Srimad Bhagavatam

by Subhadra-Mayi dasi

Posted March 10, 2005

I read both the articles by Harer Nama das and Elise Boyd. I have to say, I put my money on Elise. There seems to be a common misunderstanding that, because foodstuffs are offered, they are healthy.

As Harer Nama prabhu mentioned, vegetables and fruits should be fresh for offering. I have to admit that, while I was serving in the kitchen in a couple of temples, I personally had to remove sometimes three-quarters of a piece of vegetable or fruit and keep the remaining 'good part' for bhoga. I also had two serious food poisonings over a short period of time. I doubt it was because the prasadam was fresh.

I don't think we need to discuss the links between dairy and cancers; there are studies enough. The links between sugar and diabetes -- also studies enough. The links between fatty foods and heart diseases --plenty. As I see it, Elise has a genuine concern for devotees' health. After all, a diseased devotee cannot serve Krishna to the fullest capacity.

Believe it or not, putting a plate of foodstuffs in front of a picture doesn't miraculously fill it with vitamins and nutrients. Isn't that mind-boggling?

Maybe we're not ready for such common sense. After all, the word 'vitamin' doesn't appear once in Bhagavad-gita, nor in Srimad Bhagavatam, so it must be -- what's that word again? -- bogus... That's right.