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Response to Bhakta Shane

by Madhusudan das

Posted January 2, 2007

My wife and I just got back from India. In South India we spent a week at an Ayurvedic center. Part of the treatment had a Yoga teacher come in to lead us in some Hatha Yoga specifically for health. My wife and I have never been interested in doing Yoga or asanas etc., but I can say that this teacher made us feel very comfortable that he knew what the right yoga practices for us to do. I would recommend both he and the Ayurvedic doctor to anyone.

I'm not sure it's exactly what you're looking for, but it might be close. To investigate, you can contact the Yoga instructor, whose name is Prabakar at:

The Ayurvedic doctor is Dr. Shivakumar at:

Both speak very good English, so don't worry. Let me know if it's what you're looking for. The doctor is very much of a devotee type--no problem. The Yoga teacher was very nice. There wasn't any overt Mayavadi expounding. Yoga itself is not highly devotional, so the texts sometimes sound impersonal, but I didn't find anything particularly objectionable. Hope this helps.