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Can We Offer Krsna GMO Rice?

by Hare Krsna dasi

Posted April 20, 2005

I read an Associated Press article today (Apr 13) which says that Anheuser-Busch, the largest US beer company, has told the state of Missouri it will not purchase any rice from that state if Missouri allows genetically modified (GMO) drug-making rice crops to be grown there -- due to the proven danger of wind carrying contaminated pollen over long distances.

The article mentioned that the GMO producer, Ventria Biosciences plans to grow rice which is genetically enhanced with human genes to produce special medical proteins. Since the pollen from crops like GMO canola seed and cotton has been proven to spread over wide territories, what would happen if this GMO pollen spread to rice that is purchased for food? Would rice that contains human genes be offerable to the Deities? Is it still considered to be vegetarian? The same question for tomatoes which contain fish genes -- are they considered vegetarian? Are they offerable?

Here's an article which tells about the spread of GMO contaminated pollen in Canada.