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Avoid milk products produced by non-devotees!

by Durdhara das

Posted April 4, 2005

Many devotees consume great amounts of milk products, thinking this is good for their health and helpful for their Krishna conciousness. Usually they buy it in shops or supermarkets without knowing where these products are coming from. There are many reasons why a devotee should avoid such products.

In western countries calves are separated from their mothers, or even killed, directly after birth. For 100 days they are imprisoned in small boxes where they cannot take even one step forward. They are fed with unnatural foods like ground-up fish or meat and are slaughtered to be sold as veal in the supermarkets or butcher shops. If the flesh is not good enough, they are transformed into dog- or cat-food.

Many devotees do not know that the high consumption of milk products is directly connected with the killing of the calves. The high production of milk products cannot be realized without meat production and calf killing. Millions of calves are killed every year just to maintain a high yield of milk products. Please do not say "We are offering our milk to Krishna; therefore everything will be fine." Nothing will be fine.

We are doing absolutely nothing for the protection of cows and calves if we buy milk products produced by non-devotees. On the contrary, we support demons by giving them our money, and they will not change anything; this much is certain. We will be entangled in very bad karma, for which we will get reactions.

Furthermore, the cows are also nourished with unnatural foodstuffs, which makes them crazy and diseased. In many countries they are treated with the hormone BGH, a growth hormone to increase their milk production to an absolutely unnatural amount. As a result they get mastitis, an infection of the milk-glands. Therefore they get all kinds of antibiotics, which can later be found in the milk. So do not wonder if you feel bad after drinking such milk.

Besides this, many people have an allergy against lactose (milk sugar) and animal proteins. Such people should completely abstain from taking milk products. For example 95 percent of Asians, 74 percent of North American Indians, 70 percent of Africans, and 53 percent of South Americans do not have the lactase enzyme necessary to digest milk. They will get sick if they drink milk, even if the milk is coming from protected cows raised on vedic principles. Symptoms can be diseases of the stomach and intestines, diarrhoea and flatulence.

They also are at risk of other chronic diseases if they drink milk regularly. Such diseases include type 1 diabetes; chronic infections, especially sinunitis and bronchitis; neurodermatitis; prostate, breast or ovarian cancer; arteriosclerosis, osteoporosis and diseases of the heart; and allergic reactions such as asthma. The list is long and scientifically proven.

It is a myth that milk is necessary for the brain or the bones. All eight essential amino acids, which cannot be produced by the body, are included in much higher concentrations in nuts, beans (especially soybeans), seeds (flax, pumpkin, sunflower, etc.), grains and fresh vegetables. Plants also contain much more vitamins than cow milk and they contain no cholesterol, a cause of arteriosclerosis that can be found in cow-milk together with different, unhealthy, saturated-fat acids.

Even if you do not have an allergy and you take milk from vedic farming only, please do not take too much, because it increases the mode of passion and makes one lustful. Milk is first meant for the calves; we can only take what is left after their needs are met (Isopanisad 1: ma gridhah kasyasvid dhanam).

We have no right to exploit the cows for our sense gratification; if we do so, we cannot make progress in our spiriual life. Before talking about higher topics, we should avoid milk products from the cow concentration camps. Nothing auspicious will come to us otherwise. I hope that the devotees will think about this.