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Prasadam debate

by Sandipani Muni das

Posted April 3, 2005

I offer my humble obeisances to all the vaisnavas! all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

I was living in the temple for almost eight years. I must admit that over last two years i had serious stomack problems. I had problems especially after honoring the kicari. I felt severe pain. I could not chant, read and perform puja. When I visited my doctor, she told me "I have received a Hare Krsna cook book, and I must say that you should be careful of what you eat, becase it is really heavy food".

After long time of living outside the temple I stayed there again for one month and have got a same problem. And there where two cooks. One that cooked for healthy devotees and on that was cooking without spices for those who where sick. Whille i still honnor prasadam in small quantity, I am very careful with my diet.

I think that for the pleasure of Krsna in his arca vigraha form, it should be cooked opulently. For the devotees,however, should be cooked a simple food in order to keep them healthy so that they can serve Krsna with great enthusiasm and not that we have a hospital instead of temple.

Your servant,
Sandipani Muni das