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Neutralizing morality with metaphysics

by Bhakta Jerry

Posted June 26 2005

i am happy to see, finally, acknowledgment of abuse within iskon but, of course, saddened that it occurred, and would like comment on two items which, implicitly or explicitly, have neutralized expression of conventional moral sentiments by iskon devotees over the years -- or so it seems to me.

the first item is the statement in the gita to the effect that some behaviors, though condemned by the standards of conventional wisdom, when performed by a devotee, are beyond judgments of "good/evil."

the second item is the pancha tattva manta itself. i chant this mantra, relish its meaning, but not necessarily its sound, and know fundamentally it is different from the maha mantra. for one thing it does not pass the "coca-cola, coca-cola" test. however, this mantra stipulates an all embracing acceptance of anyone who chants it prior to the maha mantra (the munificence of lord chaitanya).

a good doctor when administering a remedy will warn of the side effects. i think the above two mentioned items, without explicit cautionary reminders, have caused a moral paralysis on a most fundamental level, namely, explicit condemnation of explicit child abuse.

the above is not so much a critical note as a dilemma and so i seek your comment. hare krishna! jerry.