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3rd-gender not equal to pedophilia

by Mukunda Gauranga das

Posted September 28, 2004

In response to: Continued abuse and cover-up in Vrindavan Gurukula alleged

Dear Bhima-Karma das,

Pranam and dandavat. Jaya Srila Prabhupada! I am very sad to read about the possible abuse. However, I did not really like the tone you used in your article linking 3rd-gendered people with pedophilia. I have a 3rd-gendered (bisexual) material condition. I was born like that. This condition "enables" me to be attracted both physically and emotionally to people from both gender. Am I lower, higher, in- between? I do not know and frankly do not care. Sexual orientation or bodily distinctions have no link with pedophilia which is a mental disease.

I would love to do service related to children as I am studying in Special Care Counselling and specializing in palliative care and with special needs children but this gender barrier (me being in a male body) makes it almost impossible. I find it sad, not just for me but for the children who, I am sure, would enjoy a masculine presence in their life. It is not just that I like children, they are also naturally attracted to my presence and many parents enjoy that I play and take care of their children while they perform sadhana/service.. I do understand that I have some responsability (ex: making sure there is always someone who can see us - to protect both of us from false accusations, e.t.c) but I don't think it is fair for me who want to serve Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga as well as all the wonderfull little siddhas, devas and devis, to pay for what other sick people did.

I should also mention that the majority of pedophiles are heterosexuals so beware...

I pray that Lord Nityananda can give us intelligence to call an apple an apple and an avocado an avocado so that we will be truly able to help, raise, protect and nurture our children. Please forgive any offense made.

Your insignificant servant,

Mukunda Gauranga das

P.S Please excuse the mistakes as English is not my native language.