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Open Letter to Tamohara

from Krsna Avatar

Posted September 25, 2004

Dear Tamohara Prabhu,

It has been brought to my attention that there were a few recent incidents of molestation at the Vrndavana gurukula. Being an alumnus, and having suffered abuse at the hands of the ISKCON guru His Divine Grace Danudhara Swami and Bhavananda for years, and after witnessing teachers molesting boys, I find this incident most unfortunate.

There are conflicting versions of events being offered. One side says that there was molestation. Ananta Vrndavana Prabhu said there was an attempted molestation. Either case is not good. Another contradiction is that one party says that the authorities tried to cover it up and threatened people, while the other party said the attempted molester was immediately suspended and dismissed. These are issues that need to be investigated and resolved.

One failure of the CPC system is that information at the local level does not filter out to the general public. I had no idea that there were these incidents, nor did most other people. I also think that your report should address the following questions:

At this point, I don't know who to believe, as I know both parties involved-but both parties cannot be right. I thank you very much for your efforts into this matter and I await your response.

Best regards,
Krsna Avatar