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Child Protection - Moving Forward

by Lilasukha dasi

Posted October 25, 2006

The North American Child Protection Conference, November 10-12, being held in Hillsborough, N.C. is open to any and all persons who have an interest in creating safer devotee communities. It is a gathering to network, increase communication and understanding, learn, share, get and give support, develop accountability ... In essence it is to strengthen devotee communities in North America. There will be professionals speaking on varieties of topics from how to handle a disclosure, screen volunteers, setting up child protection teams, education - why it is important for both adults and children and the list goes on.

The Child Protection Conference is being presented in conjunction with the ISKCON Child Protection Office and concerned individuals who want to make a difference in how child protection is viewed and handled. If you would like more information, or to register please e-mail Lilasuka dasi at

You can also download a brochure and registration form at

Your Participation Makes a Difference!