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Learn the lessons of the failure to protect children

by Devahotra das

Posted November 10, 2003

The negligent or morally culpable "authorities" who tolerated the physical mistreatment of children, the sodomising of boys by "teachers" whose moral and educational qualifications to take care of children was nil should have no place in the lives of children, in any school or temple. From homosexual pedophile ex gurus to brahmacaris unable to control their rage in dealing with their own frustrated sexuality, the damage done to children in ISKCON in India, Australia, the United States and elsewhere has been massive.

Why are we not reaching out with special programs to the damaged and shattered children whose faith in Krsna has been so scarred by the sins of others? Why do we tolerate men who have never been punished for their crimes continuing to work in or hang around our communities? Why is the Office of Child Protection, entrusted with caring for Krsna's own children, our future Vaisnava community not more supported and equipped to root out the evil and the damage caused by pedophile 'devotees'?

There must be no place for sannayasis or leaders or teachers to work with or have anything to do with children if they actually or complicitly abused or tolerated the mistreatment of children, physically, sexually or psychologically. That anyone is suggesting a personality cult around leaders who failed children in their care is distressing indeed.

Devahotra das