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Gurukula Needs Zero Tolerance for Abusers

by Shiva das

Posted November 6, 2003

I just read Maharani dasi prabhu's article concerning the gurukula in Mayapura. This is not a situation that can be left alone; clearly the authority of the GBC has to be used.

Who is in charge of the gurukulas in the GBC? If that person is unaware of the situation, he needs to become acquainted with the facts. If he was well aware of the situation and let this situation exist, that person needs to be removed from his position immediately.

ISKCON cannot afford to be acting in such a manner; letting things get to this point is beyond what should be tolerated.

These are not new problems; the situation should not even be a concern; the reality should not exist that there is even a slight whiff of anything remotely resembling liberal policies when it comes to the gurukulas and those in positions of authority.

Why is this discussion even going on? This needs to end, now, not next week or next year.

No persons with a background of activity involving any type of child endangerment should be allowed into the gurukula program. There should not be any type of exceptions; the result if this is not strictly enforced will be disastrous.

Whoever is in charge of the gurukula at this moment, if found complicit in this matter, must be removed; this must be the message sent to any future authority figure: zero tolerance. If this is not done, ISKCON is doomed.