Chakra Discussions

Gurukula And Us

by Namacharya das

Posted May 30, 2006

To whom it may concern,

I would like to say something about the Gurukul. Firstly I am sad to hear that Ananda has killed himself. I pay my respects to him and his family. For so many years I have been hearing about the terrible things the Gurukula has done to the Children of ISKCON. The abuse and negect. Its not that these things didn't happen. I think everyone is in agreement to that. However I think the Gurukulis should not live in the past and always blame others for their own problems and doings. After all we are responsible for what we do and even what is done to us. I don't want to get into that arguement of who is responsible but I want to say that we must leave the past. I think most Gurukulis cannot give up their anger of the past because they have not found any happyness in the present. And can everything be blamed at the Gurukula and what happened 20 or more year ago for us? Time keeps on moving. And it is a fact we will all have to leave our bodies sooner or later. Then where will we go? So why blame the world or the teacher or the administrators when what is in our future is much more grave and important. We should see why Srila Prabhupada has established the Gurukula and how it is also a benefit. Perhaps some persons cannot understand what I mean. But I am saying and everyone can see that life is merciless. By some good fortune we have been born in a family of devotees or become a devotee and that is our only good fortune. If I spend my whole life and time critisizing the institution for their failures then what good will it do me? Not that what happened is right or that it should go unheard of. Those responsible must also be accountable. What I am saying is now we must all be accountable for our own lifes and that means taking Krsna Consciouness seriously. We really cannot blame others for our problems. In this life we are in a critical situation and to blame others for our problems or frustrations is foolish. Therefor I humbly request the Gurukulis to become more and more seriouse about there own Krsna Consciouness. That ultimately is the only thing that will heal us and make us happy. For far more dangerous times have come before and will come again to us so what is the use of this anger? The Karmis cannot understand what it means to be a devotee. They are overly concerned with bodily welfare. They could never see the value of a Gurukula or even Krsna Consciousness. So when they come and make some study on the Gurukula then we must carefully see what they say and how they judge this. So thank you for listening and I apologize for any offense I may have made. Hare Krsna.

Namacharya das