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Parents, Please Protect Your Children

by Mother Angela

Posted May 29, 2006

What a heart-felt pain. But, when are devotees going to wake up and realize that ISKCON also has many real demons. Demons also come to Krsna, even more because they want to destroy him. Who better to destroy than the children. The children have a chance to surrender because they are innocent in their child behavior. Children are in a position to learn and will learn from proper instructions based on love, caring, and adults attending to their needs. They are very sweet and will follow their teacher. What a very sad situation because this devotee and many like him was not protected. Srila Prabhupada always knew He had demons as well as devotees in ISKCON. That is always the case. The wall of protection must be there. You read the pastimes, you know the stories. Krsna was always killing demons.

I cry everyday for all of the beautiful children and for the pain they have suffered. Parents, please protect your children. You must, if you do not, know one else will.