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A Formal Apology from ISKCON GBC is in Order

by Nikunjavasini dasi

Posted May 29, 2005

Now that the litigation has finally been settled with the recent court approval of ISKCON's Chapter 11, can we hear (and see in print) a sincere apology from the Leaders of ISKCON to the former students and their parents? And it would be especially helpful to hear it from those who were in charge of ISKCON back in the 70's and 80's. As the public relations spokesperson Annutama prabhu's apology is helpful, but a formal and public apology is imperative from the Leaders of ISKCON in order for those who have been seriously harmed to heal from their experiences.

It would be nice if each former student could receive a personally signed letter from ISKCON's GBC Board acknowledging all of the pain and suffering that the victims went through and how they pledge to have zero tolerance for any future child abuse in ISKCON. It would also be helpful if they pledge to distance themselves from anyone connected to those past abuses.

Nikunjavasini dasi
Alachua, FL