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No Tolerance for Child Abuse In ISKCON

by Batu Gopal das

Posted May 28, 2006

Reading Shakuntala's letter and its responses brought me to tears. I grew up in ISKCON and I want to raise my son, who is just 5 months old, in ISKCON. But at times like this, I question whether Prabhupada's ISKCON still exists. For the past few months I have been reading every book I could get my hands on about Srila Prabhupada to try to strengthen my connection to him. I read "A Transcendental Diary: Volume 1" by Hari Sauri prabhu a few weeks ago. One of the many passages that stuck in my mind was the following excerpt from the hardcover edition, 1995, pg. 557

"Kisori dasi arrived from Vrndavana today. She was in quite a disturbed state. She has come to see Srila Prabhupada to complain that her son was mistreated at the gurukula. She said that he had been hit, and therefore she had taken him out of school.

Prabhupada was very upset to hear that a young boy was hit by a teacher. He emphasized very strongly that this should not be done for any reason. "If a teacher hits a child he should not just be sent away, he should be hanged! He should be hanged! He should be hanged!" he declared, stabbing his right index finger in the air for emphasis. "

It would appear that Prabhupada had no tolerance for child abuse. ISKCON should not either.

Your humble servant,
Batu Gopal das