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Spending time with our children is bhakti

by Gaurav Mittal

Posted May 23, 2005

It is not surprising that violent abuse continues in ISKCON.

Many people follow weird cults. Are followers of cults responsible for following them? I think they are. They should be intelligent enough not to follow them. Similarly, we should accept our foolishness of following foolish people. Therefore, author should accept her own foolish of leaving her children and following Kirtanananda.

There was rampant child abuse in Iskcon. It is very difficult to believe if only very few people or only abusers knew about it. It was part of their whole system. It is impossible to have such a high degree of abuse unless higher authorities or leaders were involved or they deliberately did not take action or ignored the issue. It is impossible that leaders didn't know about the abuse. Still, I have not heard that even one high profile devotee who is removed due to child abuse allegation. Most of abusers were removed from Iskcon due to reason other than child abuse. Dhanurdhar Swami and many others still continue.

It is surprising why the author of the article "Violent abuse continues at New Vrindavan" expects abuse to stop when the same leaders or the members who let the abuse florish are still present in Iskcon. I appreciate the author's concern about abuse. Let us try our best to protect innocent children around us from abuse and help them to lead healthy life. Let us start from our own family and let us consider bhakti to spend time with children.