Chakra Discussions

Regarding "Gurus who abused must be removed"

by Scott Collingwood

Posted May 17, 2005

In reply to Nimai Pandita das' very insightful & caring comments, the individual responsibilty of each devotee of the Lord is to somehow gain the intelligence to respect all Vaisnavas appropriately according to their position. This very unfortunately hasn't been among isKcon's strong points in the past, with GBC men & Gurus blaspheming (apparently for political reasons) such saints as Srila BR Sridhar Maharaja, Srila Gour Govinda Swami and currently Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Goswami Maharaja. This kind of 'indiscrimination' is characteristic of kanistha-adhikari, but has passed as being 'devotional' somehow, and has been institutionalised to some degree.

Being on the lowest platform of devotion to God and making mistakes according to one's material condition is excusable up to a point (as shown many times by Srila Prabhupada himself), but failing to acknowledge, seek out and take advantage of the the association of a genuinely highly-advanced Vaisnava (Srila Prabhupada unreservedly recommends the ssocaiation of an uttama-bhagavata!) is just sub-standard behaviour which will lead to sub-standard results in bhakti. Our main duty as "Hare Krishna people" is to cultivate PURE BHAKTI !!!

Another issue referred to by Nimai Pandit is organisational enforcement of standards.

If isKcon is primarily an institution that propagates and practices vaidi-sadhana bhakti for the creation of a world-wide brahminical culture, it would seem that the enforcement of its laws and constitution should ideally reflect a spirit of "even if one is actually above the law, he shouldn't violate it anyway because what the world needs more than anything right now is good examples." But, as the old sigh goes, 'It's a voluntary Movement'.

Personally I always offer respects to my seniors in responsible positions in isKcon who have taken on the grave responsibility of trying to maintain a pure-bhakti-centred institution in today's world.

The sannyasis mentioned in Nimai Pandita's comments are my superiors and so all I can do is offer my understandings for their comment and approval.