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Violent abuse continues at New Vrindavan

Author's name withheld on request

Posted May 13, 2005

Note from the Chakra editors: We have been contacted by the New Vrindavan management who have provided facts that suggest that the story below is not completely correct. New Vrindavan is in the process of providing a statement for posting as soon as possible, but are under legal restrictions at this time.

I just came back from the Festival of Inspiration in New Vrindavan. I go there almost every year with my husband, because we grew up in Krishna consciousness there. The festival this year was great, until I was informed by some of my friends about something reminiscent of former days that happened recently.

As a mother of several children, I have to live with the suffering I and two of my children had to undergo during the years we lived in New Vrindavan. While there, I was going out traveling, doing 'the pick'.

Being ordered by Kirtanananda Swami, who later came to be known by the guru name 'Srila Bhaktipada,' both my husband and I would go out to collect for New Vrindavan, so I was forced to leave my children in the facility provided. I did not want to go out like that and leave my children as I did, but it was Kirtanananda Swami's order, so I followed his instruction. While my husband and I were away collecting, which was practically all of the time, I thought my children were in safe hands. Some years later I found out the horrible truth. To this day I feel the overhanging burden of guilt for leaving my children in the hands of very sick people and for what happened to my precious ones because of this.

In those days, we mothers -- whether out on collection or on the farm -- did not get to see very much of our children, what to speak about their fathers. Little did I know that at that time my son was being molested in the gurukula and my daughter was being raped by the grhamedhi man she was being left with, Sacinandana das Prins.

This person (generally known by all as Sacipita), who molested so many young girls, got away with only a slap on the wrist for what he did. He was helped out by the current authorities of New Vrindavan so that he would not get the lawful reactions he should have received for his terrible acts.

One would think, with the past record of child molestation in New Vrindavan and with the current Turley case, that the authorities would now be cautious about such things, but they aren't.

While at the festival, some of my friends told me about a current case, and the same 'cover it all up' attitude of the authorites is there. I found what my friends told me is factual; besides from hearing it from them, it was all confirmed by a senior male devotee who is part of the New Vrindavan administration and who has lived in New Vrindavan for over 30 years.

Some months ago it came to light that one of the young teenage girls was gang-raped in the temple building itself by more than five men. Most of these male devotees were not US citizens, and some of them did not have proper immigration status. When this was reported to the New Vrindavan authorities, specifically Kuladri prabhu and Mother Malati, instead of dealing properly with the issue, they made a victim out of the victim. In fact they tried to pressure the mother and daughter to leave New Vrindavan.

When my friends told me this I found it a hard pill to swallow. It brought up so much of the heartache I've had to live with all these years, feeling that if I had mothered my children as a mother should, instead of following Kirtanananda Swami's instructions, my children would never have had to suffer the atrocities they have had to.

Only when I went to this male devotee in administration and he confirmed everything I had been told, did it fully sink in. Although the festival in itself was so nice, I felt as if I had come to a home where a beatiful rug was placed for decoration, but there was so much dirt swept underneath it.

Why such things are still happening in New Vrindavan I don't know. Those in authority still have not learned nor have they developed loving hearts. We still seem to be doing the same wrongs, despite the severe repercussions.