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Shastric response to "What Constitutes Child Abuse"

by Dhira Nitai das

Posted March 29, 2005

Dear Devotees,

Dandavat pranams. ISKCON Founder -Acarya Srila Prabhupada ki jay!

As a Vaishnavas, we should always refer to shastra for an evidence. Manu-samhita, the Law Book of Manu prescribes proper behavior for advanced, civilized human beings like brahmanas. I will now quote a few verses, how a real brahmana should act towards all of his subordinates. These kind of verses are not stressed enough and that is why I have chosen them. They speak for themselves and also explain why there are so many problems in our ISKCON Society.

Chapter III

55. Women must be honoured and adorned by their fathers, brothers, husbands, and brothers-in-law, who desire (their own) welfare.

56. Where women are honoured, there the gods are pleased; but where they are not honoured, no sacred rite yields rewards.

57. Where the female relations live in grief, the family soon wholly perishes; but that family where they are not unhappy ever prospers.

58. The houses on which female relations, not being duly honoured, pronounce a curse, perish completely, as if destroyed by magic.

59. Hence men who seek (their own) welfare, should always honour women on holidays and festivals with (gifts of) ornaments, clothes, and (dainty) food.

60. In that family, where the husband is pleased with his wife and the wife with her husband, happiness will assuredly be lasting.

Chapter IV

177. Let him not be uselessly active with his hands and feet, or with his eyes, nor crooked (in his ways), nor talk idly, nor injure others by deeds or even think of it.

180. With his father and his mother, with female relatives, with a brother, with his son and his wife, with his daughter and with his slaves, let him not have quarrels.

184. Infants, aged, poor and sick men must be considered as rulers of the middle sphere, the eldest brother as equal to one's father, one's wife and one's son as one's own body,

185. One's slaves as one's shadow, one's daughter as the highest object of tenderness; hence if one is offended by (any one of) these, one must bear it without resentment.

With Love
Your humble servant

Dhira Nitai das
(HH Bhakti Tirtha Swami)