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Compassion; response to "Meeting Attendees were child abusers"

by Urmila d.d.

Posted March 17, 2005

My apology to the un-named person who noted that I only wrote about the official record of meetings and when child protection plans were drafted and by whom. I was not writing my feelings or desires. I wrote simply some facts of which I am aware. I beg that anyone I have offended, intentionally or unknowingly, will kindly be soft-hearted and bless me. With that mercy, perhaps I can overcome all self-imposed impediments to divine love for Krishna, which includes love for all living beings who are His beloved parts. The author asks if I have compassion. The road to compassion can be twisted and rocky, and for me it includes knowledge of the pain of abuse. I know the hurt, the fear, and the bitterness that can be the fruits of being the object of cruelty and exploitation. Just as Krishna's lotus palm relieved Jambavan of all pains of the battle, so the soothing glance of the Lord can heal us and bring us to joy. Please bless me that I can do some little service, as Prabhupada's instrument, for the children and youth in Lord Caitanya's movement.

Your servant,
Urmila devi dasi