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A letter about child abuse

from the mother of a victim

Posted March 12, 2005

[Editors' note: One of our readers, a mother, whose daughter was recently sexually abused, wanted us to post the following warning]

This is in response to Srimad Bhagavatam das' article entitled "Pedophiles Should Not Be Allowed Into the Temples," posted on February 8, 2005. I agree 100%. Pedophiles should not be allowed into the temples because these individuals are sick! There is no particular profile of a typical child abuser. A pedophile could be anyone.

A pedophile could be a man or a woman, single or married, with children or without. The spectrum applies to any and everyone. We must get away from the mind set that because these people come to our temples and/or are devotees that they will not do such a thing. First of all, we must start listening to our children. If a child states that he or she has been abused, under no circumstance should you take this as a bluff or ignore him/her. This mentality of ignoring our children should be STOP! This is why pedophiles continue coming into our temples.