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ISKCON Chapter 11 - Voting Begins In March

by Gupta das

Posted March 2, 2005

On February 25, 2005, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court reset the date to mail out ballots to the Gurukuli claimants to March 11, 2005, and authorized delivery of the legal documents by CD. In the voting packet there will be a CD disk which contains the Disclosure Statement, Reorganization Plan and Exhibits, along with a hard copy of the ballot and other documents which need to be returned in an enclosed return envelope. The CD will auto run on either a Mac or a PC, and will contain an Acrobat Reader installation file as well.

If you are a claimant with a mailing address in the United States, you should have your packet in hand by March 21, 2005. If your mailing address is outside the United States, you should have your packet in hand by March 26, 2005. If not, send an email to and include your full legal name, Krishna name, current mailing address and a telephone contact number.

The voting cut off and return date is April 29, 2005; all ballots must be received on or before that date. There are other documents in the packet that need to be timely signed, sent back and received by that date as well. After all votes are tallied and reported to the court, a hearing on Plan confirmation will then take place in May of 2005, after which initial compensation payments would be scheduled to start in September of 2005.

To vote and to receive compensation, every Gurukuli claimant needs to have a current mailing address on file. Information and forms to file a change of address notice can be found by clicking on the PDF Files button found on