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Still Seeking Peace

by Arjuna das

Posted June 4, 2006

I was abused for years in an ISKCON gurukul, and to this day I can't come to terms with what happened. I tried telling my parents about it but they would not listen. I tried telling others, including prominent authorities, but, again, no one wanted to listen. Often I was told that reporting the abuse was the worst kind of offense. Friends deserted me in droves. Today I'm married to a very supportive wife. But between the ages of 16 and 25 ( I am now 34), I tried suicide, got arrested, married, got divorced, moved about ten times, all to try to find peace, and I still seek it.

How utterly sinister the letter of the quack guru Dhanurdhara, who chooses to spin away his criminal and sadistic past with the most vulnerable of Krsna's devotees, still from the unassailable postion of a spiritual master who receives "as good as God" worship. Danurdhara's letter illustrates better than anything the hypocrisy, the pervading arrogance of an institution who with misplaced fervor, would forfeit the life, both spiritual and physical, of a vaishnava child with vaishnava parents, over the embarassment of so-called pillars of the community.