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Stop Supporting Abusers

by Author's name withheld

Posted June 3, 2006

Goura Hari says that he knows how a person looks like after the abuse is done, that he was close to victims. However, he will never really know how this pain feels and how it hunts one for life. One thing is to witness pain and another to feel it.

There were probably (I didn't know Ananda myself) other reasons that triggered Ananda's pain and suicide. The point still remains that Ananda was a victim of abuse from ISKCON's leaders when he was a child. Gour Hari's response is therefore somewhat misleading.

Everybody knows how experiences of childhood influences life entirely. That is why Srila Prabhupad opened gurukuls in the first place. To influence the lives of children forever. So he put trust in his disciples and was betrayed by them. OK, so Iskcon has closed the Gurukuls and showed a bit of sympathy. That was good to start but not enough when so many lives have been spoiled for good. If ISKCON wants to apologize from the heart should immediately stop supporting any of the abusers no matter what services they have offered. ISKCON should act responsibly. When one has inflicted so much harm to a child, there are measures that have to be taken responsibly and seriously.

To start: A predator, no matter the rank or service he or she performs, should be punished. This person should never be in a leadership position, because no matter how much this person can change from the outside, child predators don't change from the inside. I am not here to present research. ISKCON has already researched all this and has acquired all this knowledge about abuse. The problem is why is it not acting responsibly?

While ISKCON remains irresponsible to its own children, it will lose more of them.

As already mentioned, there could have been other reasons that added up to Ananda's pain. But it is known by those close to him as those who spoke at his funeral that Ananda suffered from his childhood. He obviously felt no solace being betrayed by people who claim to bring peace to the world (those who inflict the abuse and those who support it directly or indirectly are just in the same boat).

Krishna and Srila Prabhupad are surely not pleased by Ananda's suicide and they are not pleased by hypocritical service. So if ISKCON is not pleasing Krishna, what is the reason for its existence?