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Wrong To Portray Manor S School As Just a Hindu Establishment

by Agni Elen Moe

Posted June 2, 2006

I am writing to you regarding an article in the Independent newspaper about the new Hindu school to be built in Harrow,which included a discription of Bhaktivedanta Manor primary school in Hertsfordshire, also known as the Hare Krishna school.

I can understand and very much support,a founded Hindu School in Harrow. Bhaktivedanta Manor primary school,however, is one of many Gurukulas being run by the Hare Krishnas all over the world. Many of these ISKCON ( International Society for Krisna Conciousness ) schools in the western world have white teachers, as well as white pupils. Many of the children have been born into the movement. The description of Bhaktivedanta Manor primary school couldn't have been farther from reality. It is not a Hindu school.

It is also very much worrying that all the white pupils were sent out before the photographer took the pictures of the chosen Asian -looking pupils, to give an impression that this was a Hindu school. I know this because i have two white children who attend the school and who also were asked to leave the classroom before the pictures were taken.