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Remove gurus responsible for abuse

by Sita dasi

Posted June 2, 2005

I read Malati prabhu's letter regarding child abuse and New Vrindavan. Her sincerity and commitment to protecting children is inspiring. It seems that the Child Protection Office is doing a committed and important work, and she has acknowledged that. However, I do miss an important point in this whole issue which I would like to share.

I believe that as long as the GBC continues to allow leaders responsible or directly involved in abuse to remain in their positions, the whole picture of protecting the children cannot be complete. I know how many of the victims felt when they got to know that Dhanurdhara Swami was allowed by the GBC to initiate again. There are many cases of cover-ups which are not necessary to mention here and I believe Malati may be aware of some of them more than I am.

I have never met her personally but to me she seems to be quite a powerful lady. I therefore sincerely ask Malati prabhu to use these qualities of hers to make a serious effort to make a change. It might be difficult; it might be uncomfortable; it might even jeopardize her position; but it is so very important. Unless the institution makes this effort and stops covering up for abusers while the victims are forgotten, people of the world -- what to speak of members of ISKCON -- are never going to gain trust.