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My Story

by Sridama dasa

Posted June 1, 2006

My name is Sridama dasa and I was a Friend to Ananda and I am deeply aggrieved at his untimely death. I went to the DALLAS , LOS ANGELES, VRINDAVAN, GITANAGARI, NEW VRNDAVAN, MOUNT KAILASH GURUKULAS. Those are the main ashrams I went to as a child from 1974 to 1984. The Vrindavan Gurukula was horrible because of Dhanurdhara "swami". Not only did he allow the teachers under his responsibility to beat and sexually abuse the kids, he took an active role in some of these activities himself. I remember one such situation in particular; I had been beaten very badly by Ragunath "swami". He had smashed my face into the marble repeatedly. My front teeth where broken and my cheek was ripped to my ear, my blood was everywhere. I crawled up two flights of stairs to the roof of the Vrndavan gurukula. Dhanurdhara "swami" acompanied by Naragadave, who enjoyed pulling me under water until I couldn't hold my breath any more every day, and Ragunath who's latest beating left me scarred for years stood around me, continuosly threatening to kill me if I spoke a word to my father who was visiting in three days. When my father came I was afraid to tell him the truth. I spent another year there. As recall Dhanurdhara's face as he stood over a helpless boy threatening to end his life I find it amazing that anyone could aid and abet, nay respect, this horrible man, who is devoid of mercy.

To add insult to injury my brother, having been reintroduced to Krsna consciousness by me, went to ISKCON and unknowingly became a diciple of this child abuser. When I told him of the things Dhanurdhara had done to us and allowed to be done, he was upset that I was speaking bad about his Guru. We have not spoken in years now. Some Gurukulis, myself included, tried to have this person removed from power. But we were ignored by the GBC. I have therefore lost all respect for ISKCON's leadership.

Your servant,
Sridama dasa.