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Change of Name Added

by Lisa Compton

Posted July 18, 2005

The article by Vyenkata Bhatta das was an interesting read. May I add that it may also be an important step forward to stop calling 30-year adults 'gurukulis'. 'Gurukuli' applies to children enrolled in gurukula. To still use this name is belittling. One may as well start calling the first Prabhupada disciples 'ex-hippies'. I can hear it already in the morning announcements: "Dear devotees, this morning's Bhagavatam class will be given by ex-hippy Satsvarupa maharaja". Do you see what I mean? When we see people in a full and respectful way, we recognise their progress in life. You adress them as they are. Not as they were as children.

With kind regards.
Lisa C.