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The Reason for Continued Concern

by Niscala dasi

Posted July 16, 2005

Malati mentioned she doesn't know what prompted me to write "Subject of Justified Concern". My concern was her attempt to suppress rumors which are only the natural result or symptom of an atmosphere of fear and suspicion. Symptoms or results do not disappear by suppression- at least, not permanently- this is like weeding one's garden by simply squashing the offending vegetation. One must cut it out at the root, the underlying cause, and then all above ground growth will disappear...

In this case, the cause is that people have been far too trusting and naive about the spirituality of our leaders and their ability to be honest and straightforward and competent in their duty to protect. These same misleaders are still in positions of so-called spiritual leadership- those who have covered up or ignored the child abuse scandal- or who have actively taken part in it. It has taken the near bankruptcy of ISKCON to so much as get an apology from them, so where is the conscience of the GBC- is it governed from within the heart, or the pocket?

With no resignations, no unenforced apology or compensations, no justice from within but only that forced upon us by the US court system, with the terrible effects of misplaced trust being made known to all- the shocking scale and severity of the abuse, with the natural protection and love of parents being there, suspicion is necessary and justified in the current situation.

And with so much justified and necessary suspicion, it is natural that rumours will flourish, and when the GBC try to suppress them, it only looks more suspicious, like evidence of more cover-up. It will never work. Trust comes with time, and with reason.. So Malati must not only be hardworking, which she is, but also very patient in her battle against child abuse. If the GBC does not have a change of heart or membership, that patience will be tested to its limits, as the atmosphere and concurrent rumour mongering will certainly continue. And if the GBC deal with it as they have done with other problems in the past- threatening the dissatisfied party and even excommunicating them- then that will be more proof that they haven't changed and still have the same old authoritarian dynamic.

As a member of that body, Malati herself will be taking part in that dysfunctional dynamic of suppression of symptoms and other forms of coverup and authoritarian control, unless she uses her position to firmly control itÉ

Recently there was an article where the author complimented Malati's effort to do everything in her power to protect our children,and that she is a powerful GBC-lady. She said also that unless Malati uses her power to help reform how the GBC body is run,we shouldn't expect any improvment in the near future. That about sums it up.