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Should Nitai Chand initiate disciples?

by the Chakra editorial team

Posted February 24, 2005

It has come to Chakra's attention that devotees in Montreal, Canada are currently petitioning the GBC to clear Nitai Chand das of all past allegations of child abuse and to allow him to become an initiating guru in ISKCON.

According to several Vaisnava youth who have written Chakra on this matter, Nitai Chand (who apparently is no longer a swami) was involved in a number of child abuse incidents. However, to this day no one has come forward to testify against him, so results of the investigations by the Child Protection Office remain inconclusive.

The Vaisnava youth who have written us claim that Nitai Chand's past victims are unwilling to testify out of fear of retribution, either directed towards themselves or towards their families who live in the Navadvip-Mayapur area. This is understandable. However, without any evidence to the contrary, a person has to be considered innocent. Thus, if evidence of abuse exists, it needs to be provided to the GBC.

Chakra would like to help facilitate this communication process. If you or someone you know were a victim or witness to abuse by Nitai Chand, or if you have any knowledge to share on this topic, either pro or con, please write us at We will not post or forward any letters without your permission and we will work with you to help the information get to the appropriate office or individual. If you prefer, you can also write directly to your local GBC or to the ISKCON Child Protection Office.