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Flabbergasted and confused

Name Withheld by request

Posted February 1, 2005

I just read Urmila prabhu's article on Shri Ram and I was flabbergasted to read such a totally contrasting description of the person I remember and experienced in a most disturbing way.

I have had nothing to do with him since I was a 13-year-old gurukuli, and I have no idea how he evolved over the years. I never knew Shri Ram was involved in fighting child abuse in Iskcon. I don't know what to think.

If he truly felt bad for the way he treated the gurukulis, and tried to make amends through bringing child abuse issues into the open, did he ever contact the kids he tormented, or issue a formal apology for his actions? Did he ever admit to anyone that he himself was abusive, or was he just trying to cover his own back from any persecution, or could it be he's totally oblivious and has no idea what kind of effect he had on the gurukulis under his care?! I'm very confused and don't know what to think.

I can't even imagine him working to stop the abuse of Iskcon's children. If, in fact, he did, that is really good to know, but part of becoming cured is first admitting one's disease. For his own benefit it would do him good to realize how much suffering he caused the gurukulis.

I do not wish him any more suffering, but now, at least, should be a time for him to consider making amends. No one is all bad and no one is perfect, except pure devotees. As jiva souls we are all guilty of being both victimizer and victim in our endless chain of births and deaths. Still it is our duty to try to stop the cycle, by first at least recognizing and identifying the problem.

May Shri Ram also overcome whatever stands in the way of developing Pure Bhakti.