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Response to Gaurav Mittal

by Shiva das

Posted December 26, 2003

Mr. Mittal has given a good insight into the gurukula situation, the tendency to see children as recruits to train rather then as people with emotional needs is something i have noticed and disagreed with in Iskcon.

Many times we have heard the notion of Sri Garuanga lila as being non different then Krsna lila,with that in mind our children should grow up in an environment as close to that described as Krsna's own upbringing.

If that is achieved then you will actually be living with that child in the in Garuanga lila in Gokula, the earthly manifestation of the highest realm manifests itself according to our devotion, if we have devotion to our children as being worthy of living in the highest realm then we will have qualified for life in that self same reality.

So be selfish, be selfish for the highest good, children raised with neglect is an indication of our own situation, neglect of the gift given to us, we only have to accept Vrndavana as our right and manifest that reality by our desire to give that reality to others, the very essence of Gauranga lila is that in the giving of the highest reality we find our selves suddenly living there ourselves; We buy a ticket to Vrndavana by giving Vrndavana to others, what better opportunity then our children to be selfish ?

Shiva das