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Mandatory background checks would prevent some abuse

by Shiva das

Posted December 10, 2003

I am not familiar with the people on the GBC, except for Badarinarayana (is he GBC?), whom i know very, very well. I also know Gunagrahi (is he GBC?) I don't know who is and who isn't.

I really don't know what I can contribute to any discussion of the GBC. As in all organizations with a top-down management system and a group of equal leaders, the leadership may be loath to expose one another for fear of any skeletons in their own closets being exposed as retribution.

To avoid this, in my opinion, the only way would be to have a rule that all those involved with children must pass a background check. If there is any kind of question that is unresolvable, then . . . zero tolerance: not allowed.

This way no GBC is being asked to expose an associate, and the system weeds out the unqualified.

The person in charge of this background check must be a GBC; he/she has authority and, thereby, has incentive to perform his/her job without discrimination. If it is found out that is not the case, the rule must be there to expel that person from the GBC, automatically.

This, in my opinion, will work; no one can be blamed, and the rule of law will determine what has to be done.