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Gauri Das Apologizes to His Former Students

by Sanaka Rsi das

Posted August 22, 2008

On Sunday morning I met with Gauri das at the Bhaktivedanta Manor, I have to say that, although I had some reservations, I was pleasantly surprised.

Gauri das apologized for the pain and suffering he caused me when he was my teacher in Gurukula. He also apologized for taking so many years to acknowledge the distress I endured due to his actions and to offer a suitable apology.

My impression is that he was genuine; I am satisfied and feel much relieved; his apology has helped me greatly to let go and forgive him.

Gauri das has offered letters of apology to all his former students that initially submitted their testimonies to the CPO, some of them have expressed satisfaction and relief.

Personally I am pleased with the way things have turned out in the end; I am happy to put these distant events to rest and move on with my life.

Gauri das will be "downsizing", from the house he occupied as the temple president, into a smaller apartment, he will continue to work in some capacity at the Ghosala that is being built at the Bhaktivedanta Manor.

I spoke with Gauri das yesterday and he further reassured me that he will not be appealing the judgment of the CPO, he wrote to me:

"The decision of the CPO and the restrictions they have placed upon me, I have accepted without any form of opposition. I am now in the process of conveying my heartfelt apologies and regret to my past students for my failings. I pray that in this life you may find a place in your heart to forgive me for my wrong doings".

There have been times during the course of the case when I was quite frustrated and wished that it could/should be easier to get a little accountability and a straight forward apology; in hindsight I see that the way things worked out benefited those involved on many levels.