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Last Call to File a Tort Claim

by Gupta das

Posted August 14, 2003

The extended deadline for tort (abuse) claims in the ISKCON Chapter 11 cases is August 15, 2003. Claims received after that date will be disallowed. Claim forms must be received (not just mailed) by both the California and West Virginia court on or before August 15, 2003. No additional extensions to this deadline are expected.

Keep in mind that filing a claim does NOT mean that you sued ISKCON, that Temples will be closed, that the victims fund will be increased that much more just to compensate you, or that you are offending anyone or doing anything wrong. Already hundreds of Gurukuli abuse claims have been filed, so file your claim for compensation before the deadline.

To protect your privacy, claim forms are automatically placed by the Clerk of the Court "under seal." All of the information you provide will be held in the strictest confidence and will not be available to the public.

To download the claim forms go to To read about how to file a claim go to "ISKCON Chapter 11 Claims Deadline" (

With regards,

Gupta dasa
(Joseph Fedorowsky)