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Avoiding offenses

Author's name withheld by request

Posted August 6, 2005

Dear Vyenkata Bhatta:

I think that your point about using gurukuli in the proper context is valid. However, I believe that you have come to the wrong conclusion. I think it is ok for us to call ourselves gurukulis, but improper for others to use the term in reference to gurukula alumni. This is synonymous with African Americans and the use of the N-word. They use this word amongst themselves and it causes no offense. But I could not use that word without offending them. I realize that to some second generation, using gurukuli, causes no offense. But with many others, myself included, it does. I don't believe anybody is offended by gurukula alumni. You are the Associate Director of North American Communications. So to avoid committing offenses and creating controversy, I ask that you refrain from referring to second generation adults as gurukulis.

Hare Krishna